About Ent-Ex

Ent-Ex: The Entrepreneurial Experience, is a community and learning programme for young career-driven people from around Europe. Our community members are 18-30 year old freelancers, employees, entrepreneurs and students. They aim to develop their entrepreneurial skills and exchange experiences and best practices to launch their career as entrepreneurial people. As we’re an international community we communicate and exchange mostly online. But for the real go-getters we offer 3-day workshops in multiple European cities throughout the year. Visit the Event-page to see where we are next.

Develop your Entrepreneurial Skills

Not only are entrepreneurship, start-ups and a new way of working hot topics these days, it has also shown that major employers are looking for entrepreneurial people who can lead their departments and teams. Since first developed in 2011, the Ent-Ex Workshop Programme has helped over 750 alumni (young professionals and students) in 7 European cities.

The Programme

Ent-Ex is a 3-day workshop which helps you to develop essential entrepreneurial skills. With coaching we help you to learn from successful entrepreneurs what skills they have which have made them successful, and how they have developed these. As they explain how they’ve used their skills to build their success, you get to see a variety of business approaches and models, and to pick up hints and tips to help your own.

Our Partners


  • "Pitched at the right level. Relevant. Applicable both in and outside of the workplace. Something concrete to go away with."
    Manuel, Amsterdam
  • "Great lineup of speakers and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet people from so many different countries."
    Tom, London
  • "I found the workshop extremely educative and beneficial. The structure was spot on, the speakers were relevant and provided a wide variety of experiences and context."
    Nero, London