Ent-Ex is a three day workshop-style programme which helps you to develop essential entrepreneurial (and intrapreneurial) skprogramm1ills.
We don’t promise a magic formula to develop your business idea, to build a successful business, to access the market, or get finance from the investor of your dreams. We don’t provide much in the way of theory, either of how markets work, or of which different funding mechanisms would be best to help you fund your ideas.


But we do help you to learn from successful entrepreneurs what skills they have which have made them successful, and how they have developed these.



programm2And as they explain how they’ve used their skills to build their success, you get to see a variety of business approaches and models, and to pick up hints and tips to help your own.


And by the end of the workshop, our experienced coaching team will have helped you to develop some of these key skills for yourself, and you’ll get the chance to practice them, to showcase yourself, your idea or your business, at the final day lunch-time ‘Marketplace’.


The workshop programme will help you to develop the skills, and attitudes, which we know have been successful for others. And it will introduce you to a network of collaborators, coaches, mentors and new friends which will help you build your future success.

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