Our values

At Ent-Ex we believe…

… that entrepreneurial skills can be useful to anyone, whether they choose to start their own business, or become a better employee.
We believe that developing these skills can be done independently of developing a business idea. We aim to develop the potential of the individual.
We believe that the skills most often demonstrated by successful entrepreneurs are:
  • effective networking, to secure resources (e.g. supporters)
  • effective networking, to access knowledge (e.g. about markets)
  • effective influencing
  • creative problem solving (often together with teams of people),
  • effective project management (the coordination of people and resources to complete a series of dependent activities to achieve an agreed change)
The successful entrepreneur also demonstrates a proactive and positive attitude, which, above all must be resilient to disappointments, and find ways around obstacles.
We’ve also found that the most effective way to learn these skills is by practising them – ‘learning by doing’. Also known as ‘inductive learning’ this is the founding principle on which the Ent-Ex programme is based. We’ve found that we learn best from engaging with real entrepreneurs.
We believe in ‘responsible’ entrepreneurship. In an economy where private sector jobs are lost through increasing efficiency and automation, and where public sector jobs are lost along with the drive for lower taxes and less central government, we believe that those capable should take responsibility not only for creating a job for themselves, but also, through their successful enterprise, for creating jobs for others.
We believe in young people to be drivers of positive societal change.
We believe also that the planet’s best entrepreneurial brains should take responsibility for solving societal needs, in a sustainable manner, respecting people and natural resources.