The young entrepreneurs behind the Ent-Ex programme

Alice - Programme Manager

I am French, 26 years old, and I am reponsible for this year's Ent-Ex programme. I studied Geography and have a master in Political Science & International Relations. In 2012 I worked in a think tank for young Europeans. I was thereafter briefly involved in the Moral Courage Project based at New-York University, but returned to Brussels to take up an internship at the EIIL in early 2013.
I was on the team which created the Ent-Ex brand in 2013 from the earlier Entrepreneurship Experience Programme, and led the team of local hosting partners who helped us to make Ent-Ex 2014 a success in London, Berlin and Amsterdam. The experience continued in summer 2015, taking the Ent-Ex to Amsterdam, Barcelona and Porto.
I am proud to lead the Programme and look forward to growing it further this year and helping more young people develop their entrepreneurial skills. I am passionate about event organisation, I enjoy meeting all our participants and being able to contribute to their learning.

Lawrence - Communications

I am a recent English Literature graduate from the University of Birmingham. Throughout my studies I interned at a technical PR company which introduced me to the world of industry and entrepreneurship. I’m a huge fan of digital marketing, social media and the increasing encroachment of all things digital on our lives, but contrarily I’m also an avid film photographer and vinyl collector.
After attending Ent-Ex Berlin in 2014 I kept up to date with the organisation and applied for an internship in Brussels in early 2016.

Alice - Social Media

I am a french student from Lille where I have just finished my first year at Skema Business School. Before that I studied in Paris during 2 intense years of preparatory school. For now I really appreciate the student life and being involved in a student society where I organized and managed a lot of events with my team. I’m also a huge fan of music from electro to classical music.
I met Alice (the Programme Manager) last January and I kept in touch with her and finally got an internship at Ent-Ex.

Natasha - Intern

At 20 years old I am studying for a BA in Philosophy, Religion and Ethics from the University of London. Although at present, I am lucky enough to be living in the heart of Europe as part of the ERASMUS year abroad scheme. I have always enjoyed learning and often try to integrate my studies with valuable work experience; over the years I have experienced work in a law firm, a national PR agency and now an international association at EIIL.
My interest has always been in education and development. In my free time I have volunteered at local schools as a mentor and an honorary member of the Parent Teacher Association. During the height of the migrant crisis I also volunteered to teach at the Jungle in Calais.
Ent-Ex is a great programme for personal development through a distinct approach to learning and I look forward to understanding this educational work shop on a more thorough level.

Piotr - Marketing

I am currently writing up the thesis of my Masters Degree in International Relations at the University of Warsaw. During my studies I worked as an intern in several international organisations, and was part of the organising team for the Warsaw - Beijing forum, which fostered stdent links betweekn the two countries. This September I was prooud to be appointed to represent my country at the G20 student summit in Milan.
This summer I took an Erasmus funded internship at the EIIL, where I developed their 'YELP!' Young Leaders Programme. I was also fortunate to be a particpants on Ent-Ex 2014 in Berlin.

Christian - Intern

I first came across Ent-Ex as a participant in the 2014 event in Amsterdam, and I'm now taking up one of the many internship opportunities the programme offers.
I'm a studying general economics at the Lycée Français International of Antwerp, but am gaining some real 'learning by doing' experience helping Ent-Ex 2015 with communications and social media.
I've also designed this web-site, so if you've any helpful comments, I'd love to hear from you.

Alfonso - Marketing Intern

I am currently at the last year of my Bachelor degree in Economics at the University of Florence, where in 2016 I founded JEFlo, a junior enterprise associated to JADE. Thanks to JADE I discovered the Ent-Ex and the EIIL and finally I applied to do an internship for them, while I'm working for JADE. I'm interested in Marketing, specially in digital and growth hacking.
Ent-Ex has given me the chance to develop my entrepreneurial skills, to work in the field I love and to do an amazing experience abroad. I suggest to every young person to attend an Ent-Ex event: you'll have the opportunity to improve yourself and learn from the best coaches and entrepreneurs! g.