About us

Ent-Ex, the Entrepreneurship Experience Programme, is a young entrepreneur-led project working with student organisations and young entrepreneurs throughout Europe to promote responsible entrepreneurship and help 18 – 30 year olds learn to develop their own entrepreneurial skills.

Ent-Ex will run entrepreneurship schools in Brussels, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Porto, London, Cologne, Torino in 2016. Each 4 day event will follow a ‘learning by doing’ process in which participants will be coached to engage closely with speakers, all successful entrepreneurs, to identify key characteristic skills and how to develop these.

Since first developed in 2010, the Ent-Ex workshop design has helped over 350 students and young entrepreneurs in seven events throughout Europe. It has also shown that these essential entrepreneurial skills are also highly sought after by major employers, and the workshops are attended by recent recruits from Corporate Members of Ent-Ex partner the European Institute for Industrial Leadership.

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