Looking back on Ent-Ex summer 2015

Ent-Ex was back this summer for more entrepreneurial learning and fun, meeting more entrepreneurial minds.

It was once again a very interesting and rewarding experience for us; seeing the participants sceptical at first, trusting and following our coach Steven Price into the process to finally leading their interviews, presentating, sharing what they learned with us in a great and fun atmosphere.

We do not promise a foolproof theory of how to be a successful entrepreneur, of how to build a successful business plan, nor of how to get finance from a dream investor. We aim at developing something which will last much longer: skills and attitudes. Speakers are coming to share their experience with the participants, ready to tell their anecdotes you could only hear in a set-up like this one.

So what is it that participants do then? Learning by doing.  They interview, in teams, successful entrepreneurs to find out what skills they have which have made them successful, and how they have developed them. Each interview is based on a theme

Seeing the participants biting into the methodology and growing through those (only) four day workshop is great to see.

The extra reward? The warm words speakers and participants are leaving us with. Have a look yourself: