Ent-Ex/EIIL internship: Camilla’s experience

Being an intern at the European Institute for Industrial Leadership (EIIL) definitely has been a great opportunity of learning new skills and values while ending my Master in European Studies at the Institut d’Etudes Européennes in Brussels.

Since the very beginning of this experience, I was specifically assigned to the Entrepreneurship Experience Programme (Ent-EX), the EIIL junior project, as Communications Intern. Aiming to foster entrepreneurial skills amongst young people, whether they pursue their own entrepreneurial idea or just want to be more competitive employees, Ent-Ex’s runs Summer Schools and Workshops both in Brussels and across Europe through an innovative – and pragmatic – method.

But how exactly did I contribute to this mission? As the Communications intern title may suggest, I took care of the internal and external communication supporting and wide spreading these valuable initiatives all over Europe. Although these tasks where quite challenging sometimes, with the help of my colleagues (did I already mention that Steve, Lara and Alice are just great?), I am now able to overcome the obstacles that may stand in my way when I am building and implementing all these tools. Of course, in terms of dedication and amount of work, this internship has been both rewarding and hard sometimes.

The greatest experience that I had here? Having the chance to attend the sponsored Summer Schools in Amsterdam, Spain and Portugal in July 2015. Watching in flesh and bones the hard work outcomes, challenging myself with new tasks and working with like-minded people and entrepreneurs from all over the world has been an amazing journey. Once this experience was over, I perfectly knew that I had learned a lot about entrepreneurship, its meaningful impact on society and even about myself.  What will I bring with me from this? New valuable skills, a brand new (and more efficient indeed) and team–oriented working approach and new friends, for sure.

These, in conclusion, are all the reasons why I truly believe those who do not apply for this internship will miss a great opportunity. Oh, if I could turn back time!